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Axel Kronholm is a freelance journalist covering South and Southeast Asia. His reporting spans over a wide range of issues but focuses mainly on politics, conflict, economic development, ecology and human rights. His writing, photography and radio stories have appeared in such outlets as The Guardian, Washington Post, BBC, Al Jazeera America, Vice News, Mashable, Fusion, Swedish Public Radio, Public Radio International, Finnish Public Radio, Danish daily Dagbladet Information, Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet, among others.

Axel received the Third Coast International Audio Festival 2015 award for Best News Feature for his radio feature “Burma’s Rohingya: Easy Prey For Traffickers”, broadcasted by America Abroad on PRI.

Axel has a master’s degree in journalism from Gothenburg university, Sweden. His academic interests include political science, environmental politics, international relations and new media. He has also studied journalism at the Danish School of Media & Journalism in Aarhus, and EU politics at Hogeschool Utrecht in the Netherlands. In May 2015, he completed the Swedish Armed Forces SERE School’s Hostile Environment Awareness Training.